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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Experiencing SL (second life)

Leigh and I used a SL library today. Very interesting, had a live chat with Dana(avatar) the librarian. Very strange and interesting experience. Can't wait to get it up and running for myself. I'd like to revisit the library and have a good look at the resources and perhaps have another conversation wirth the library staff as to why they decided to use SL, how it is being used by students and what to they think are the advantages/disadvantages of SL.

Here's some of our conversation-

You: librayr blog?[15:47]
Danu Dahlstrom: i do a viratual reference shift a week[15:47]
Danu Dahlstrom: library blogs - do you read any?[15:47]
You: no... do you have any links :)[15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: info island has a blog - http://www.infoisland.org/ - tells what's happening here[15:48] Danu Dahlstrom: classes, events,e tc[15:48]
You: ok[15:48]
You: getting that one now[15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: some good blogs to google that i read - tame the web (michael stevens), stephen's lighthouse [15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: librarian in black[15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: those are soem good one s that link to lots of others


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