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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

toilet training

Thought I'd try this crating method. It's new to me but we'll give it a go.


At 1:26 AM, Blogger Leigh Blackall said...

I'm no expert, but we have house trained 4 dogs in the past 4 years. Crate training is definately a good idea - for more than just poo and piss.

But you may find that the little soldier poos and pisses in there anyway! Our Terrier x Schnauzer (Lego) did anyway. It might have been that the crate we used was too big, but we did pack it out small...

Anyway, Lego is still not 100%. He's a 10 months now... but I've since reflected on a few things.

A lot of people say not to "yell" at your puppy if he poos or wees inside. It makes them afraid of a normal thing and could lead to other behaviour probs. But I think a well timed yell does teach them pretty quick... so long as it goes with praise if they get it right..

So we try to feed our pups bang on the same time each feed. Then we watch and observe for signs, put them outside and note the time they dump. We are training ourselves to know when they go. Look for the signs, watch closely, you will only need to praise him a few times (and maybe yell a few too) before he gets the idea. But KEEP IT BALANCED! Too much yelling and he won't notice the praise.

One last thing in case you're still not sure about the yell idea.. I think it led our dogs to be modest with their poo. They tend to look to hide their poo now.. which is great for those times you forget the poo bag on dog walks.

Remember, teach yourself to know when he needs to go and praise him if he does go outside. And never miss the scratch at the door if it comes. That's when you know you've both found the sweet spot.

At 1:36 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

It's interesting getting all the different information, and even more interesting that when we had our last puppy, (20 years ago and he lived to 13), we never looked for any advice and didn't have a problem training him! Or maybe my memory is selective or just plain old.


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