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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Second Life

Managed to create my own SL account today. My avatar is Agnes Mollar. Hopefully I will be able to play around with her image once I manage to get the software downloaded. With a bit of luck this should happen tomorrow. I'd love to revisit the SL library Leigh and I visited yesterday. It was quite a bizarre and exciting experience! Talking to the librarian (Dana) was excellent and I'd like to do the same again once I've found my way around the library and it's contents. It would be interesting to find out how/why the library chose to use SL. Could we develop something here? It would be such fun and possibly a great way of getting students into the library, both virtual and physically! What a hoot.
I can imagine lessons/lectures/labs all sorts of stuff could be taught using SL. Unsure whether the medium would suit all students, but a great way of delivering information AND making it fun and engaging. Would love to get involved in some project just to find out how it all works, and staff and student reactions to it. I must admit to being apprehensive (still am really) in the initial introduction, but the potential at this stage seem fantastic...


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