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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Podcast of speaker Kevin Harris at TAFE NSW Libraries Conference 2007

Leigh sent me this podcast to listen to. The speaker is Kevin Harris, Director, TAFE NSW, NSI
who was addressing the 20:20 Vision, TAFE NSW Libraries Conference 2007 in Sydney. Kevin is Chair, Library Strategies group & Director, TAFE NSW, Northern Sydney Institute
Download the MP3 file (8:53 Min 2.3 Mb)
Here's a summary for those who just want a quick read or can't for some reason download the file...
In a nut shell he is basically saying libraries and librarians are critical partners in teaching and learning (and of course I agree). He doesn't go into much detail but says he is constantly being asked to be flexible. In his experience, he says it has been librarians who have been the examples of people who are flexible…mmmmm …I'm glad that's so, as I can think of a few that aren't !! He explains his world is about social technologies and how important they are, and he obviously supports the technologies and the move for libraries to be involved. He thinks it's important to take any opportunity to network and get together and meet. I presume he was meaning that libraries and staff need to get involved and network with the staff and students of their institution. Which is just what we tried to do last year. The Polytech is not behind the 8 ball there! I'd like to hear more from him, he certainly seems to be a progressive thinker.
It would be good to hear what others think...have a listen