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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Second Life Language lab

Hey Swan,
This one's for you to check out-could help your Italian


Second Life Language lab

Hey Swan,
This one's for you to check out-could help your Italian


conversation internet archiving

Hi folks,
this interview makes interesting listening

Its betweenLeigh Blackall (EDC, Otago Polytech) and Stewart Cheifet from Internet Archive

I'm sure Leigh would love some feedback

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Second Life

Managed to create my own SL account today. My avatar is Agnes Mollar. Hopefully I will be able to play around with her image once I manage to get the software downloaded. With a bit of luck this should happen tomorrow. I'd love to revisit the SL library Leigh and I visited yesterday. It was quite a bizarre and exciting experience! Talking to the librarian (Dana) was excellent and I'd like to do the same again once I've found my way around the library and it's contents. It would be interesting to find out how/why the library chose to use SL. Could we develop something here? It would be such fun and possibly a great way of getting students into the library, both virtual and physically! What a hoot.
I can imagine lessons/lectures/labs all sorts of stuff could be taught using SL. Unsure whether the medium would suit all students, but a great way of delivering information AND making it fun and engaging. Would love to get involved in some project just to find out how it all works, and staff and student reactions to it. I must admit to being apprehensive (still am really) in the initial introduction, but the potential at this stage seem fantastic...

Experiencing SL (second life)

Leigh and I used a SL library today. Very interesting, had a live chat with Dana(avatar) the librarian. Very strange and interesting experience. Can't wait to get it up and running for myself. I'd like to revisit the library and have a good look at the resources and perhaps have another conversation wirth the library staff as to why they decided to use SL, how it is being used by students and what to they think are the advantages/disadvantages of SL.

Here's some of our conversation-

You: librayr blog?[15:47]
Danu Dahlstrom: i do a viratual reference shift a week[15:47]
Danu Dahlstrom: library blogs - do you read any?[15:47]
You: no... do you have any links :)[15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: info island has a blog - http://www.infoisland.org/ - tells what's happening here[15:48] Danu Dahlstrom: classes, events,e tc[15:48]
You: ok[15:48]
You: getting that one now[15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: some good blogs to google that i read - tame the web (michael stevens), stephen's lighthouse [15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: librarian in black[15:48]
Danu Dahlstrom: those are soem good one s that link to lots of others

Monday, December 18, 2006

stuff for polytech

Just had a chat with Leigh about uses for my blog and i like the idea of being able to log my work activities, as so much of it isn't tangible. So for people who are reading this and find stuff that is slightly meaningless-it is because I'm jotting down stuff I've found or done.
I've done heaps of searching for tekotagotourism and have put several blog, websites that i think might be useful for people to use
these are the ones so far PLEASE NOTE - NOT ALL SITES HAVE A CREATIVE COMMONS LICENCE-therefore some permissions will need to be sought. i don't see this as a problem though, as it is just another step to take when course building/developing.

'Just World News' by Helena Cobban: Xian, history, mass tourism
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Xian, history, mass tourism. This could be an interesting blog to follow up and 'chat' to Helena about the impact of tourism on China/what it means to China/experiences etc
to tekotagotravelandtourism tekotagotourism tourismblog ... 6 mins ago
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"the role of travel and tourism in America's top 100 metropolitan areas" Interesting article-need to write to get permission to copy or re-use
to tekotagotravelandtourism tekotagotourism ... 9 mins ago
Avenue Vine: INTERVITIS 2007, Theme is “Wine-Tourism-Architecture"
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interesting article check out permissions-looks promising further investigating needed
to tekotagotravelandtourism tekotagotourism ... 12 mins ago
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Zirma - Travel, communication and mobilities This looks like a very interesting blog-see what you think
to tekotagotravelandtourism tekotagotourism tourismblog ... saved by 3 other people ... 16 mins ago
Hotel Marketing Newsletter - Internet Marketing News For Hotels
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Updated daily, HOTELMARKETING.COM features breaking news and business information in the categories "Internet Marketing", "Online Travel" and "Hospitality Industry". All content is free-of-charge and available as an Online Magazine, weekly E-mail Newslett
to tekotagotravelandtourism tekotagotourism tourismplanning tourismanalysis tourismmarketing ... 23 mins ago
Tourism and Leisure Weblog: EIBTM 2006 - Instituto de Empresa Business School
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Business Travel and Tourism is an important niche in tourism industry and the most profitable. Maybe that is why it is considered as a horizontal niche in the economic development of the cities. Can be viewed in English language. Check copyright/useage re
to tekotagotravelandtourism tekotagotourism tourismblog ... 31 mins ago
TripAdvisor Forums
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have a look at these personal recommendations before you go anywhere. Interesting concept for anyone in the travel business. May need permissions if wanting to copy blogs/comments etc. Check out before you use.
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Tourism Leading Indicators Monitor
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Tourism Leading Indicators Monitor tracks trends in the New Zealand tourism industry. The Monitor is updated monthly with key indicators for inbound tourism, outbound tourism, domestic tourism, commercial accommodation and visitor expenditure. CHECK USEA
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"An understanding of tourism is derived from measurements of a number of different aspects of the tourism industry. This booklet sets out some highlights from the core tourism data set and guides. CHECK USEAGE/COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS
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Forecasts and Trends
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Forecasts & Trends Several reports are available on tourism forecasts & trends. CHECK COPYRIGHT USEAGE/RESTRICTIONS
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Tourism Flows Model
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The Tourism Flows Model (TFM) is a unique GIS software tool that allows users to study the movements of international and domestic travellers in New Zealand. Users can identify trends and potential capacity constraints before they occur by accessing power
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Economic Contribution
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The following reports are available on tourism's contribution to the New Zealand economy:
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Backpacker visitors to New Zealand
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Report PDF-"Backpacking visitors tend to be a particularly visible component of the New Zealand international visitor market." CHECK COPYRIGHT/USEAGE RESTRICTIONS
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Ministry of Tourism - Research
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This site replaces the Tourism Research Council New Zealand website. The information on this website aims to inform tourism industry stakeholders about the sector to support effective planning and decision-making.
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Tourism Planning Toolkit - Introduction
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Government website with tourism planning toolkit Contents-Tourism – A Major New Zealand Industry, Local Government’s Role in Tourism, Why Local Government Should Invest in Tourism The Link Between the Tourism Toolkit and Local Government, Potential
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