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Monday, October 02, 2006

I've just tried to see if I can make this blog unsearchable from a search engine. Hopefully what I've done is -told the search engine not to follow up (in HTML thingy stuff) and searches with our keywords. In other words if someone does a "wotsitabout" search in google our blog should be hidden from general public view. I'm going to try a search next to see if it has worked. I think this is the nearest way to making a blog as private as possible, as yet you can't make a blog entirely private. As we're all new and don't want to make fools of our selves I thought this might be useful!

Hi there,
Seeing Wallace can make gromit some techno trousers, may be we can get with it and try out a blog! As you know I'm a 'techno phobic', but I'm willing to give it a go if you are. I thought i'd create a Blog and invite you, just so you can look and see what it's about. Not sure if this has any relevance for work, but at least we know what they're about.

What do you think?
Shall we discuss new stuff here?
Are you willing to give it a go?

You can post your comments, and even if we decide this is not a good forum, at least we know what they're about.