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Sunday, March 15, 2009

recording sync settings on Youtube

This appears to work better for some reason when I make a link to Youtube, than directly uploading the video from my computer onto the blog. At some point I'm sure I'll find out why!

Solving sync problems in Camstudio

This takes a long time to load, so click play and leave it until it's played through once, do something else, then replay. I'm uploading the video to Youtube and then embed it here to see if it plays better.

More Piccies

Here's Tom waiting for his first customers for 'Flick' the fire engine. He ended up really busy driving the kids around the park. Kids love the little truck. Found the other photo of Claire and Ella trying to get infront of themselves with packs of floss. None of us managed it though. I've never seen a floss stall so busy. We were stuffed and sticky afterwards!!

Candy Floss Stall

It took a while getting the hang of getting the floss on the stick, but hey look at Ella go! Claire and Ella couldn't keep up with the demand. As fast as they were making it, it was sold. We all took turns making, bagging and selling. We went home sticky and sweet and needing a shower.

Produce Stall Arthur St. School Fair

Hey! Lorna and Christine selling their wares on the produce stall. What a great day. The apples were tasty too and were completely sold out.

Hey Arthur Street School Fair Went OFF!

What a fabulous day we had. Mother nature sent us a day out of the bag. Fantastic day had by everyone. Hopefully we raised a heap of money. The event was opened by Mosgiel Brass Band. They were super and gave the event a wonderful carnival atmosphere.

How I Made my Podcast Using Opensource Software

Just so I wouldn't forget how I did it! The recording also goes out of sync a bit and is something I'm working on. I'm using the Camstudio Codec Compressor and I need to fine tune the settings a bit.